Use Case

Promote Any Content

Promote any content type, including products, categories, promo pages, videos, recipes, blog posts, and brand pages.


Most retail media platforms focus on products, product ingestion, and the metadata associated with products. This is a great start, but it's not the whole story. Display Shop takes a more holistic approach by promoting content. This is a subtle but important distinction. By promoting content, we can promote products, but we can also promote other types of content, such as articles, videos, or recipes.

Content Lake

Think of Display Shop as a content lake. It's a place where you can publish any type of content in a structured way.

When publishing your content you'll be required to provide a type and a title (e.g. a "recipe" for "Chocolate Cake"). The actual content can be anything you want. It could be a URL to a recipe, a video, or a JSON object with structured data.

This is a powerful pattern because it allows you to promote any type of content in any slot on your website.

External Management

This is great if you want to manage your content and your campaigns externally. You can use our APIs to publish content to the content lake, and then use our APIs to promote that content in slots on your website.

Third-party Content

Another benefit of this approach is that you can promote third-party content.

For example, you might want to promote recipes or YouTube videos. You can publish this content to the content lake, and then anyone can promote it. Your website can render the content however it wants.

Ad-hoc Content

Additionally, our platform allows you to create content on the fly for ad-hoc campaigns. This means that you can quickly generate and promote creatives without the need for extensive pre-planning. This flexibility enables you to respond to real-time marketing opportunities and deliver engaging experiences to your audience.