Use Case


Surface related products within the same category or across categories.


Cross-selling is a powerful way to increase the average order value of a customer. It's the practice of encouraging customers to buy related or complementary items to the ones they are already purchasing. This can be done on a category page, a product detail page, or a search results page.

Slot Setup

A cross-sell slot is a specific location on your website where you want to promote related content.

When setting up your slot configuration, you can specify that the content is to be cross-sold. This tells us that you want content thats related to the current context to be promoted in that slot.


Cross-selling slots can have rules that help determine what content should be promoted in that slot.

Some common rules for cross-selling include:

  • Restricting which categories your promoted product comes from
  • Limiting products on search terms

If you have specific rules you would like to see implemented, please let us know.