Use Case

Content Associations

Surface content that goes well with other content.


The best engagement happens when content is highly relevant to the context. Display Shop allows you to target content to other related content. This can be used to promote products, recipes, or other content next to products (and other content.)

Some typical use cases for content associations include:

  • Linking products that go well with other products
  • Banner ads relevant to a specific product
  • Placing recipes next to key ingredients

Placement & Slot Setup

The majority of placements set up are specific places on a retailer's website. However, content associations don't follow the same pattern. Instead, the goal of content associations is to surface the campaign in every place where the associated content is surfaced. Therefore a dedicated placement is recommended.

At Runtime

To serve content associations, any content that you are going to surface needs to be part of the ad request. This is done by providing the content's ID in the ad request.

Its recommended to make a separate ad request to fetch content association campaigns. By following this approach, you will provide a consistent experience to your users where even advertised content will surface in the same way as organic content.


Associations are a great way to create new places for advertisers to promote their content. Its highly relevant content at exactly the right time.