Use Case

Banner Campaigns

Custom banner campaigns that blend seamlessly with your site's aesthetics.


Banners come in many shapes and sizes. They can be static images, animated gifs, or even interactive experiences. We enable you to create and promote these banners in a variety of placements on your website.


Our platform takes a unique approach to campaign management by promoting various types of content. This means that you have the flexibility to promote not only banners created within the platform, but also content from other sources such as your CMS or third-party providers like Northfork for recipes.

With our platform, you have the ability to leverage your existing content library and promote it effectively. Whether it's showcasing your own banners or featuring content from external sources, you can easily configure campaigns to promote the desired content.

Additionally, our platform allows you to create content on the fly for ad-hoc campaigns. This means that you can quickly generate and promote creatives without the need for extensive pre-planning. This flexibility enables you to respond to real-time marketing opportunities and deliver engaging experiences to your audience.

By combining the promotion of various content sources, including your own banners, third-party content, and ad-hoc creatives, our platform empowers you to create dynamic and impactful campaigns that drive engagement and revenue for your business.

Placements & Slots

A placement is an advertisable location on your website. For example, you might have a placement for the search experience, and a placement for your category pages.

A slot is a specific location within a placement. For example, you might have a slot for the top of the search results for a horizontal banner, and a slot for promoting banners within your product listings.

When setting up your slot configuration, you can specify the type of content that you want to promote in that slot. Limiting the slot to just banner content allows for slots to be specifically targeted to promote banners.


Our platform provides a flexible and powerful way to publish and promote banner content on your website. By promoting banner content, you can promote specific banners, categories, and other types of banner content. This allows you to create a rich and engaging experience for your customers, while also driving revenue for your business.